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Watts Dance Studio LLC located in Elizabethton and Bristol, TN, is diligent to use age appropriate music that is monitored for language and content. Dance develops the individual physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially in an artistic family environment. Depending on age, ability and experience, students may participate in Preschool, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Pointe, Tumbling and Hip-Hop. Students learn the basics of proper technique and vocabulary while having fun with all styles of dance through a non-competitive formal approach to class. All dancers are able to participate in the Annual Spring Recital. Costumes are affordable as well as age appropriate and recitals give the dancer a chance to show yearly progress and gain confidence and pride through the on stage performance.
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Ages 3 to 5 - Emphasis on fun and creativity, class encourages child's natural movement, coordination, and muscle development. Song and dance and correct French vocabulary are used in class. Children experience the joy of dancing in 30 to 90 minute class to include Ballet, Tap, and Tumbling. Preschoolers will develop social skills like taking turns and team-work, develop musical skills like rhythm and tempo and develop finer control of their body through fun, age-appropriate movement.


Toddler Dance Class- Dance Classes, Bristol, TN
Ballet is the dance form which provides the foundation for all other dance styles. Classes in Ballet are offered for beginning through advanced levels. Students develop a strong sense of self-discipline in order to advance in all dance forms. Ballet introduces the proper stance for alignment, positions of the arms and feet, as well as the coordination of these principles. Students will learn the ballet vocabulary necessary for other forms of dance disciplines. The class will include barre work, center floor exercises, and combinations across the floor while emphasizing strength, flexibility, and placement. As dancers develop, pointe work will be added to the curriculum. We hope to allow you to enjoy movement while learning ballet technique in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.
Teen Dance Group- Dance Classes, Bristol, TN


Offered from Beginner through advanced; Tap is a popular form of dance that focuses on rhythm and intricate footwork, creating a percussion instrument out of the dancer's feet. Classes are taught at all levels and include rhythm and coordination skills to upbeat and popular music. Tap classes address technique, rhythm, syncopation and phrasing. Through progressive patterns, students are able to improve the manipulation of their feet, sounds and speed.


Starting in first grade, Jazz has its own strong technique using the muscles in the body similar to the way they are used in Ballet. Students will learn this technique and will develop proper ways of emotionally expressing themselves through dance. Funk, Theatrical, Lyrical, Contemporary, Liturgical and African styles of dance can all be found in Jazz classes. Jazz students are encouraged to study ballet as well. Jazz dance is frequently influenced by other dance styles such as tumbling, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop.


Grade 3 and older for Girls and grade 2 and older for Boys, Hip-Hop is set to today's hottest music. Classes emphasize coordination, creativity and rhythm in an atmosphere of "moving to the beat". Isolation of body parts and learning more about musical beats is very important to the training of hip hop. It encompasses movement that has elements of poppin', locking, and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style. Hip Hop is urban, it's street, it's diverse and forever changing.


From Preschool through adult, tumbling is an enjoyable class focusing on flexibility and strength. Students are taught, with the use of tumbling mats, in a self-paced manner working on physical strength, beginning with basic skills moving toward advanced power tumbling. Examples of techniques the student will learn are cartwheel, front and back rolls and back bends moving toward aerials, handsprings, and tucks. Care is taken to master skills in a safe monitored environment.


Contemporary is a newer dance style blending ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance techniques to create a style focused on storytelling and connection. These connections draw the dancers, the audiences, and the stories together to encourage relationships and emotional draw. Students in this class are stretched to think outside of the box to perform a different style of movement as well as to incite social change.
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